11 Pictures Of Simon Cowell That You Won't Like, But Your Friend Might

    Because obviously you don't fancy him.

    1. You don't fancy Simon Cowell but your friend does, and that friend might like to see this picture.

    2. You can't stand Simon Cowell's unbuttoned shirts.

    3. Simon's the meanest X Factor judge, and you don't find meanness attractive.

    4. And let's not get started on the V-necked T-shirts.

    5. Plus, there is the concerning issue of the height that he wears his trousers.

    6. You have literally no idea why your friend finds Simon Cowell's sinisterly white teeth cute.

    7. This is a man who wears bootcut trousers.

    8. Yeah, no, bootcut jeans and pointy shoes aren't your cup of tea.

    9. Every time you see those hairy pectorals peeping out from crisp, white, collarless shirts you're catapulted back to the early '00s.

    10. You know that staring into the mirror gleam of Simon Cowell's eyes, all you would see is flashbulbs and the trappings of enormous wealth and celebrity. You're not into that.

    11. No, Simon Cowell is way too much of a dad for you.