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19 Regrettable Pictures Of The '00s That'll Make No Sense If You're Under 18

Our eyebrows were one hair wide.

1. Back in the ’00s, a line of 10 solitary hairs above your eye were known as an "eyebrow".

2. And these were desirable eyelashes:

3. All of our tops were extremely small and tight, while our jeans barely covered our pubes.

4. A thermal vest was 100% acceptable as a going-out top, as long as you paired it with a glam skirt and earrings.

5. Everything was shrunken in the ’00s. For instance, this thing was worn in place of a jacket:

6. And this very thin strip of material was known as a "scarf":

7. Clothes weren't allowed to be simple in the ’00s. A top couldn't "just have sleeves", the sleeves had to be doing something, like falling off you.

8. A strange disconnect developed between the top half of our bodies and the bottom half. It was like we were two different people stuck together.

9. We took everyday items and transformed them into something else. A tie, for instance, became a belt:

10. The only acceptable type of nails was square-tipped French manicure.

11. The preferred skin colour for white people during the '00s was a sort of Oompa Loompa orange.

12. Everyone was extremely excited to have discovered hair straighteners, so we all looked like this for 10 years:

13. Lipstick wasn't really a thing in the ’00s. We were all about the lip gloss:

14. Oh, and we were big into lip liner, which we bought from The Body Shop.

15. Honestly, this was considered subtle eye makeup in the ’00s:

16. A big thing was dressing as if the only materials available to you were cowhide and string.

17. Everyone owned a pair of cowboy boots, whether or not they had any intention of actually droving cows.

18. Also, we should probably discuss our approach to denim in the ’00s. It was ~interesting~...

19. We danced to the beat of our own drum in the ’00s, and for that we should be proud.