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    21 Things You Know If You Prefer Dirty Eating To Clean Eating

    The problem is pizza.

    1. You definitely have good intentions when it comes to food.

    2. But then there's the issue of your deep, deep love of pizza.

    3. You love the idea of a nourishing yet hearty salad, full of vegetables and vitamins and goodness.

    4. You're a positive person, and start each day as you mean to go on – until you get offered some cake.

    5. When people ask if you eat your "five a day", you nod. They don't need to know it's cookies.

    6. You also eat AT LEAST five tomatoes in your bolognese sauce.

    7. Every now and then you get serious, and buy an expensive green sludgey health drink packed full of niche nutrients that your body is crying out for.

    8. The best thing about the health drink is that you don't feel guilty when you have a large Pepsi later that day.

    9. This logic works for food as well.

    10. You can definitely see the advantages of healthy eating but you can see the disadvantages too.

    11. On the other hand, you find it extremely hard to argue with a delicious plate of pasta.

    12. ...or a bowl of ice cream.

    13. It's not that you have no willpower when it comes to making food choices – you're quite determined when you set your mind to something.

    14. It's just that quite often you're determined to eat a massive salami sandwich.

    15. Or maybe you're determined to try a little bit of everything on the buffet.

    16. You respect people whose social media looks like this:

    17. But yours looks more like this, and you respect yourself too.

    18. Your love of dirty eating can be distracting at times.

    19. But that's only because you're so passionate about the things that interest you.

    20. You love food so much, you're basically in a relationship with it.

    21. And there's nothing wrong with that.