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    17 Sad Meals Everyone Gluten-Free Has Suffered Through

    "I'll be fine with this lettuce leaf, honestly."

    1. The bunless burger

    2. The burger bun that crumbled to death

    3. The bowl of chips

    4. The salad with all the fun picked out

    5. Salmon, rice, and greens

    6. The weirdly pale gluten-free pizza

    7. The Schär sandwich

    8. The bag of popcorn to tide you over

    9. The "Thanks for trying, but you probably shouldn't have bothered"

    10. The "WTF happened to my tortellinis"?

    11. The hearty plate of steamed veg

    12. The scrumptious Saturday morning brunch

    13. The "There was nothing safe on the menu so I'll just have more wine"

    14. The bag of crisps

    15. The bunless hot dog

    16. The mysterious and suspiciously beige plane meal

    17. The emergency banana