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    17 Sad Meals Everyone Gluten-Free Has Suffered Through

    "I'll be fine with this lettuce leaf, honestly."

    1. The bunless burger

    Twitter: @brbcan

    Very, very wet and sad.

    2. The burger bun that crumbled to death

    Twitter: @Shelley650

    Yay! They have gluten-free buns! Oh, it turned to powder upon a single touch.

    3. The bowl of chips

    Twitter: @scottstemp

    It's cool, I'll just watch you guys eat a tasty, balanced meal while I eat some form of potato. Again.

    4. The salad with all the fun picked out

    Twitter: @aneal27

    Can't have the croutons. Can't have the dressing. What's left, let's see... Oh.

    5. Salmon, rice, and greens

    Twitter: @TheWetBandits19

    First time you had it, you loved it. 357th time, you're getting a little bored.

    6. The weirdly pale gluten-free pizza

    Twitter: @gfcuppatea

    It's just not the same.

    7. The Schär sandwich

    Twitter: @search

    You're grateful Schär exists, but why are the slices so small and holey?

    8. The bag of popcorn to tide you over

    Twitter: @riscann

    You know all the food at the party will be dough-based, so you line your stomach with popcorn so you don't get sick.

    9. The "Thanks for trying, but you probably shouldn't have bothered"

    Twitter: @shortpresents

    It's touching when restaurants make an effort to accommodate you, but whether it's edible is another thing entirely.

    10. The "WTF happened to my tortellinis"?

    Twitter: @scbconstable

    It all started out so promisingly, until the pasta turned to mush in the water.

    11. The hearty plate of steamed veg

    12. The scrumptious Saturday morning brunch

    Twitter: @justthewarmup

    "Our delicious gluten-free pancakes are just as tasty as the real thing!" No they're not, you lying shits.

    13. The "There was nothing safe on the menu so I'll just have more wine"

    Twitter: @LOWineCafe

    This night will end badly.

    14. The bag of crisps

    Twitter: @tyclyd

    Mmm, 11 wafer-thin pieces of fried potato will keep the wolves from the door.

    15. The bunless hot dog

    Twitter: @tyclyd

    A tragedy, frankly.

    16. The mysterious and suspiciously beige plane meal

    Twitter: @ToraBora13

    Aw, that looks appetising, thanks guys.

    17. The emergency banana