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    18 Pictures Proving '00s Kim Kardashian Was The Best Kim Kardashian

    Big belts, small bags, waistcoats: She owned it.

    1. Lest you've forgotten, Kim Kardashian was the undisputed queen of the '00s.

    2. Her commitment to oversized belts was inspiring.

    3. When it came to giant belts over jersey tops, Kim was a maestro.

    4. She nailed it every time.

    5. It'd be fair to christen this look The '00s Outfit To End All '00s Outfits.

    6. Sometimes her belts were skinny, like this one, which is holding up her waistcoat-jacket-shirt thing.

    7. But it didn't stop at belts. She also wore the most perfectly '00s cardigans.

    8. And of course she had the best capes.

    9. Her cape had a giant '00s button.

    10. OF COURSE she absolutely aced the dress-over-footless-tights trend.

    11. And she did "sexy office worker" better than anyone else.

    12. She rocked wide-leg trousers and a semi-transparent polyester blouse to perfection.

    13. Ooh – a cheeky peek at her coloured fly. It was details like that that made the '00s the greatest fashion decade of all time.

    14. Of course she looks sexier than anyone else in a waistcoat over a vest with bootcut jeans.

    15. And nobody worked the bandage dress as well as Kim.

    16. In conclusion: Kim Kardashian was the unchallenged queen of the '00s.

    17. The reigning monarch.

    18. '00s Kim, we salute you.