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    24 Food Pictures That'll Shatter What Little Faith You Had Left In The World

    Everything is an illusion.

    1. Everything you've ever been told is a lie.

    2. Life is one huge deception.

    3. Everything is an illusion, it's better you know now.

    4. All promises are made to be broken.

    5. "Reality" is a just a thin veil disguising the horrible truth.

    6. We're trusting creatures, easily betrayed.

    7. Civilisation is a mirage.

    8. It's an empty dream.

    9. Once you open your eyes and really look, you'll see.

    10. That which seemed perfect, crumbles before your eyes.

    11. Entropy reins supreme.

    12. Reality is grossly distorted. You're inside the funhouse mirror now.

    13. The only certainty is chaos.

    14. The only guarantee is disappointment.

    15. What once seemed lush and bountiful is shrivelled and desiccated.

    16. Dried up and empty.

    17. Flaccid and sad.

    18. You need to adjust your expectations of this world.

    19. Or you'll face endless, bitter heartbreak.

    20. Alter your expectations, and perhaps there can be joy again.

    21. Expect the worst, and you might be pleasantly surprised.

    22. Grotesque and monstrous sights will be your new normal.

    23. You'll finally be ready to face the reality of this world.

    24. To accept the horrid truth of it.