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22 Food Pics That'll Get Brits Off And Completely Confuse Americans

Hot, buttered crumpets on Saturday afternoon.

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1. This buttery, flakey, fresh-from-the-oven sausage roll.

sosijlol / Via Instagram: @sosijlol

2. This scrumptious scone.

monicajiandani / Via Instagram: @monicajiandani

3. A delicious, oozing Welsh rarebit.

sugarplumtearoom / Via Instagram: @sugarplumtearoom

4. The soothing combination of tea and biscuits.

diddleplumbs / Via Instagram: @diddleplumbs

5. This hot buttered Marmite on toast.

rachywils / Via Instagram: @rachywils

7. This irresistible cheesy beans on toast.

andrewjditton / Via Instagram: @andrewjditton

8. This perfect bacon butty.

_phil85_ / Via Instagram: @_phil85_

13. This monster fry-up to set you up for the day.

fryuppolice / Via Instagram: @fryuppolice

14. These perfectly cooked Scotch eggs, ideal for a picnic.

westonhall1 / Via

15. This mouth-watering Cornish pasty.

danny_pay / Via Instagram: @danny_pay

16. This fish and chip feast that makes you think of summer holidays.

blogeatmedrinkme / Via Instagram: @blogeatmedrinkme

17. This preposterous Sunday roast for when the nights draw in.

laura_alice08 / Via Instagram: @laura_alice08

19. This perfectly golden cauliflower cheese.

anneshooter / Via Instagram: @anneshooter

21. Hot buttered crumpets, to be eaten on Saturday afternoon with the telly on.

thecurlylucy / Via Instagram: @thecurlylucy