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    18 Gross Food Combinations Only British People Understand

    We have a highly sophisticated palate.

    1. Chips and curry sauce

    Twitter: @SPickeringFCO

    Looks dubious but the salty, gloopy goodness is irresistible once you try it.

    2. Tuna mayo and salt & vinegar crisp sandwich

    Twitter: @SleazyyB

    Kind of like the sandwich equivalent of fish and chips.

    3. Jelly and condensed milk

    Twitter: @Girlsintheback

    The underrated cousin of jelly and ice cream โ€“ a little bit of an acquired taste, but unbelievably moreish.

    4. The other Full English โ€“ fish, chips, mushy peas, pickle, and a cheeky saveloy.

    Twitter: @AmaditoMorante

    Dinner of champions.

    5. Pizza and beans

    Twitter: @stevegibsonuk

    And they say there's no such thing as British cuisine.

    6. Fish fingers, chips, and beans

    Twitter: @paulross

    Red, yellow, and orange: The colour palate of an iconic British meal.

    7. Jacket potato, tuna mayo, and beans

    Twitter: @SeaninJones

    Yeah, no, you wouldn't understand this if you're not British.

    8. Cheese on toast with Worcester sauce

    9. Corned beef and ketchup sandwich

    Twitter: @great_defector, Twitter: @Rutherford_Paul

    A special, special thing everyone should try at least once.

    10. Pizza with ketchup

    Twitter: @IamClutter

    We hold nothing sacred in Britain, especially when it comes to ketchup.

    11. Rich tea and tea

    Twitter: @martinbartos

    Rich Tea biscuits are incredibly plain and almost bland, but at the same time completely delicious, especially dipped in tea. They're the sort of biscuit you forget you like 'til you have one, then you remember it's the best biscuit ever.

    12. Crisp sandwich

    Twitter: @joefawcett2000

    It's the pillow soft bread contrasted with the crunch of the crisp that makes it.

    13. Marmite on weird things

    Twitter: @nigella_lawson

    On toast, on your finger, on spaghetti, whatever you fancy.

    14. Chip butty

    Twitter: @JackLebeau66

    Soft fluffy carbs stuffed with hot greasy carbs.

    15. Mayonnaise on toast

    Twitter: @LiviVarley

    Simple but satisfying.

    16. Sprouts and gravy

    Twitter: @LadyLisaCusack

    The very best bit of a sunday roast is sweeping up the leftovers, specifically Brussels with steaming hot gravy.

    17. Porridge with butter and golden syrup

    Twitter: @love_laugh_eat

    Actual heaven.

    18. McDonalds fries dipped in milkshake

    Twitter: @omghamzamir97

    Honestly the best treat ever.