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    19 Disturbing Food Pictures That'll Make You Feel Extremely Uncomfortable

    People actually ate this stuff.

    1. Let's start with this person, enjoying a gourmet Italian meal.

    2. This person clearly ran out of hummus, so they improvised.

    3. Squirty cheese is not an acceptable alternative to milk.

    4. Hey, look, this is how some people eat kiwis.

    5. A tasty plate of ketchup and mayonnaise mixed together until they are undistinguishable from each other.

    6. There are some people on this earth who like a little blob of ketchup on their banana.

    7. And some people who have their cereal with water.

    8. Others like to put their own unique twist on breakfast.

    9. Talking of breakfast, do you fancy a bowl of this?

    10. Seriously, there are a lot of breakfast mavericks out there.

    11. The next time you go to the cinema, why not ask for a little ketchup on your ice cream?

    12. For some people, tuna with peanut butter is a delicacy.

    13. Or maybe you'd like a nice cup of this?

    14. There is a human out there somewhere (possibly several humans), who dip their apples in marmite.

    15. Hi, friend. Do you fancy a bite of my ham and banana sandwich?

    16. Or maybe you'd prefer Nutella and mayo?

    17. This is considered an acceptable meal in some places on earth.

    18. What are you having for lunch today? Oh, just some chopped up steak with bananas and ketchup.

    19. Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! I hope you like your mayonnaise and ham cake! Happy birthday to you.