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    16 Tragic Christmas Meals Everyone Gluten-Free Has Suffered

    It's the gluten-iest time of the year.

    1. The little Christmas party snack that couldn't.

    2. A bowl of olives.

    Twitter: @Zerggiee

    The only thing you can eat at the Christmas party buffet.

    3. Wine.

    Twitter: @inihelene

    Because there was literally no food you could eat whatsoever in the Christmas party buffet.

    4. Heartbreaking mince pies.

    Twitter: @RyanWalterADL

    They tried, god bless their hearts, but they failed.

    5. Roast dinner without the gravy and stuffing... oh, and the meat.

    Twitter: @oneandonlymart

    Because your grandma accidentally filled the meat with gluten-y stuffing.

    6. The very sad takeaway.

    Twitter: @girlonetrack

    While everyone else is tucking into pizza.

    7. The crumbling pile of GF pastry.

    8. The obligatory bowl of popcorn to keep you going when everyone else is feasting on gluten.

    It's delicious, but sometimes you crave something piping hot out the oven to fill your belly.

    9. The unusual GF food product which your mum kindly got in for you.

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    10. The failed attempt at a gluten-free cake.

    11. Insubstantial leftovers.

    Twitter: @TheMediaTweets

    There are only a few scraps under foil that haven’t brushed up against something wheaty.

    12. Just fruit.

    Twitter: @SianGreen92

    When you can't eat most of the Christmas chocolates, fruit is the next best thing.

    13. The baking disaster.

    Twitter: @itstbeac

    Those GF Christmas cookies didn't turn out how you expected.

    14. The collapsing leftovers sandwich.

    Twitter: @carlybtalbot

    Sometimes GF bread just isn't up to the task.

    15. The mountain of cranberry sauce.

    Twitter: @MollyJongFast

    It's safe to eat! Hurrah!

    16. The deeply disappointing, indulgent Christmas breakfast.

    My attempt to making completely vegan, gluten-free pancakes...EPIC FAIL 😖

    Twitter: @samroy23

    Merry Christmas! Let's kick off the day with a pile of yellow blobs.