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    May 9, 2017

    16 Pictures Of People Making A Catastrophically Wrong Decision

    There is evil in this world.

    1. This person is unquesionably wrong about everything.

    2. This person has made a very poor life choice.

    3. This person thinks they're right, but they are deeply wrong.

    4. This person is displaying wrongness on a stratospheric level.

    5. "Chips and mayonnaise are made for each other," she said, wantonly flaunting her wrongness.

    6. On no planet is this acceptable behaviour.

    7. These chips did not deserve to be treated this way.

    8. It's hard to know where to start with this person, who has taken something which could've been right and transformed it into an absolute monstrosity. A wrongstrosity.

    9. The banality of evil.


    11. Dear Lord, forgive this person for being massively, massively wrong.

    12. The scary thing is that this person probably thinks what they're doing is right, when in actual fact it's tantamount to chip abuse.

    13. Dangerous people walk among us.

    14. People with a flagrant disregard for the sanctity of the chip.

    15. People willing to smother their meal in a thick layer of greasy mayonnaise.

    16. These people are wrong.