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    19 Of The Best Things You Can Buy When You're Pregnant

    These are life savers.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the best thing they bought when they were pregnant. Here's what they said.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. "The best thing I bought while pregnant was a maternity massage."

    Nensuria / Getty Images

    "My whole body was achy and sore and tired. That was the best hour and a half ever and the most relaxed and comfortable I felt my whole pregnancy. I could've laid on that massage bed for hours?" – bres423472efb

    Try this list of pregnancy massages around the UK.

    2. "Pregnancy Spanx!"

    "They aren't tight but they lift that large baby bump up and help support all of extra weight without shifting around like belly bands!" – rachaelk4b7d71905

    Get some pregnancy Spanx here for £30.

    3. "Coconut oil for your pregnancy belly to avoid stretch marks and itchiness."


    Get some here for £12.99.

    4. "A loofa on a stick!"

    "Seriously... washing your calves and feet at the end is tough.My fiance bought me one and life was much easier." – jamielee312

    Get one here for £9.50.

    5. "Weleda Stretch Mark Oil."

    "I used it from around six months into my pregnancy until i gave birth. Best investment ever! My stomach is stretchmark free." – petersendennisn

    Get it here for £12.37.

    6. "A belly band!"

    "I could wear my normal jeans but still have the support for my growing belly throughout my pregnancies" – lea-maried

    Get one here for £10.95.

    7. "Preggie Pops."

    "They are morning sickness hard candy. I'd put some on my night stand and instantly pop one in when I woke up." – ninavollmer

    Get them here for £8.99.

    8. "The best thing I purchased was, hands down, my U-shaped body pillow."

    "I even continued to use it for a while afterwards for nursing by turning it around backwards and putting the curve across my lap with the ends crisscrosses behind me. I loved the way that pillow cuddled my aching pregnant back and legs as well as the support it gave my growing belly. Long live the U-shaped pregnancy pillow!!" – amandadavisr2

    Get one here for £42.99.

    9. "Kinesio tape was a life saver."

    "I used it as a way to support the weight of my very large baby belly (born weighing 10lbs 5oz). It helped reduce back pain, stretching pain, and I think I can give it credit for my abdominal muscles recovering so well." – ldavey2

    Get some here for £6.99.

    10. "A squatty potty!!!!"


    "Saved me from hemorrhoids! Seriously just do it." –gretchenp4b9d28d3d

    Try the Becostep, £14.99. It's intended as a step for kids to use the toilet and sink, but doubles as a 'squatty potty' – a step which raises your feet while you poo so your body is in a more natural position, reducing the risk of hemorrhoids.

    11. "Lemon essential oil."

    "I had severe morning sickness. I read that the scent of lemon calms the nausea, so I bought a small bottle of lemon essential oil, and throughout the day I would put it on my temples, the back of my neck, my wrists and under my nose. If I started feeling sick I would take a big ol' whiff. I would not have been able to do anything without it." – mjinwonderland

    Get some here for £12.95.

    12. "I treated myself to pedicures."

    Valuavitaly / Getty Images


    Try these pedicure suggestions in the UK.

    13. "A maternity belt."

    "This bad boy SAVED me. My daughter thought my belly was her personal jungle gym. This gave me some very much needed support during those last few months when a regular belly band was a joke. It helped balance the baby bump, gave my back the support I needed." – punkergirl510

    Get one here for £20.99.

    14. "Pilates lessons!"

    Fizkes / Getty Images

    "It definitely relieved my back pain during pregnancy. Also I had a super fast labor (four hours on a first baby once my water broke)." – altheafann

    Search for a prenatal pilates class near you here.

    15. "This extra long shoe horn by Ikea."

    "It saved me when my baby bump made it impossible to bend over to put my shoes on!" – lexifer

    Get it here for £4.50.

    16. "A gym ball."

    B-d-s / Getty Images

    "Great for bouncing on to relieve back pain after a day at work, then useful in labour. I leaned over it during my contractions and it helped support my belly and I was able to move around to find the least painful position." – amyw406029465

    Get one here for £6.99.

    17. "Body Glide anti-chafe balm."

    "Helps make pregnancy dresses in the heat of the summer a lot more comfortable on the ol' thighs." – Ashley Michalak via Facebook

    Get some here for £13.50.

    18. "A pass for the swimming pool."

    Federicomarsicano / Getty Images

    "Swimming is actually easier during pregnancy as you are more buoyant." – Anna King via Facebook

    Find a pool near you here.

    19. "Chanel sunglasses."

    "I justified it by saying they would fit throughout my entire pregnancy and even after give birth and lose the baby weight. Honestly, I just always wanted them, and figured carrying twins was a damn good reason to treat myself!!" – altheaw3

    If you feel you deserve a treat while pregnant, go for it! Chanel sunglasses, £285.

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