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    Posted on Nov 28, 2017

    18 Things All "A Place In The Sun" Addicts Will Understand

    You'll happily watch it for five hours straight.

    1. You wouldn’t call it your favourite TV show, but the hours you put in watching it might suggest otherwise.

    Nickelodeon / Channel 4 / BuzzFeed

    2. You’ve been known to spend five hour stretches slumped on the sofa watching Derek and Karen from Telford search for their dream home on the Costa Del Sol.

    Channel 4

    3. In fact, one of your greatest pleasures is turning on the TV at the start of a More4 A Place In The Sun marathon.


    4. You can’t put your finger on what you love about it.

    Focus Features

    5. Fundamentally every episode is the same, and it's pretty repetitive.

    Channel 4

    6. Despite there being several different formats.

    Channel 4

    They're all kind of the same.

    7. 99% of the episodes seem to be set on the Spanish coast.

    Channel 4

    8. And a lot of the apartment blocks look like this:

    Channel 4

    9. And it's not like all the properties are outrageous fantasy homes.

    Channel 4

    A lot of them are pretty down to earth.

    10. (Unless it's A MILLION POUND A PLACE IN THE SUN that is!!)

    Channel 4

    They hook celebs up with million pound homes and it's total property porn.

    11. And yet, you are helplessly, hopelessly, head-over-heels in love with this show.


    12. Partly, it's just fascinating looking at other people’s houses, and imagining other people’s lives.

    Channel 4

    13. And it’s nice to imagine what you’d get up to if you ever did move to Benidorm, even though you probably won't. / BuzzFeed

    It's fun to think of the coffee shops you’d go to, the karaoke bars you'd haunt...

    14. Plus the house prices are soooooo much more realistic than British prices.

    Channel 4

    Like if you saved up hard, you could probably buy a villa in Torre del Mar.

    15. Watching A Place in the Sun, you can imagine a life where you have nothing to do but sit in the sun all day, and that’s a pleasant thought.


    16. Also, who doesn’t fantasize about having a house somewhere hot with a swimming pool???!

    Channel 4

    17. So, basically, this is you every Sunday at 12pm when the A Place In The Sun marathon begins:


    18. And this is you three hours later...

    Fox 2000 Pictures

    Zero regrets. You'd do it again next week, and you probably will.

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