21 Pictures That Prove Anything Can Be A Sandwich If You're British

    We're true mavericks.

    When it comes to British people, never a truer tweet has been tweeted:

    English people will dead put anything in a sandwich. Fish fingers, chips, crisps, sausages. You name it, it's going in the fucking bread

    1. We're absolutely fucking shameless.

    Can't beat a shepherds pie sandwich!

    2. Unstoppable.

    3. We have no boundaries.

    I've peaked creatively today, in the creation of the pork pie sandwich!

    4. We're true pioneers of the sandwich genre.

    In the UK, bread goes with anything. Fish fingers, sausages, banana, chips, pizza, crisps, pie, mashed potato. Wh… https://t.co/kOCtqYQxqx

    5. There are the classics of course...

    Red wine and Fish finger sandwich, lovely jubbly

    6. Like the trusty sausage sandwich, delicious for breakfast, lunch or tea.

    7. The crisp sandwich, subtle and perfect.

    8. The mighty chip butty.

    9. Timeless creations like the cucumber sandwich, as comfortable in the lush surrounds of The Ritz as they are on a school trip.

    The perfect cucumber sandwich. I grew the cucumber myself!

    10. Staples, like the jam butty, in every Brit's repertoire.

    11. But then there are our innovators, our true creatives, taking extraordinary carb-based risks.

    12. You've heard of beans on toast, but how about a baked bean sandwich?

    13. Think the crisp sandwich can't be bettered? Well, please give a warm welcome to the crisp and mashed potato sandwich:

    I've just invented the mashed potato and crisp sandwich. It's glorious.

    14. These are the daredevils who wouldn't think twice about doing this to a Mars Bar:

    15. The sort of people who look at literally any meal, any type of food, and say: This could be a sandwich.

    After a day of eating and drinking, what could be nicer than a quick snack of a full roast dinner sandwich - plus h… https://t.co/wvvYTxJsw6

    16. Literally any food.

    Meet Cocorella - deluxe sugar sandwich. Wholemeal bread, nutella & coco-pops. Serve with Mild. You're welcome.

    17. They have zero fear of judgment.

    18. There's no such thing as a step too far.

    19. Sausage rolls are good... but wait till you try the sausage roll sandwich!

    20. Plate of curry not quite jazz enough? Make it a sandwich!

    21. This is what makes our nation great! This is what makes us special! This is a country with the balls to create a Chicago Town Microwave Pizza sandwich.