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Growing Up Means Realizing You're The Miranda Of Your Friend Group

We've all eaten cake out of the trash, right?

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When we were younger, we always thought we'd be like the witty Carrie, the boisterous Samantha or the optimistic Charlotte, but sooner or later we all realize just how similar we are to the sarcastic Miranda. Sure, her red hair is as fiery as your personality, but you know how to own it. Embrace your inner Miranda, because she's actually a total badass!

1. You're a fierce feminist who's not afraid to stand up for her gender

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You don't need a knight in shining armour to save you, you can save yourself, thank you very much!

2. You're not afraid to hit your friends up with some truth

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Whether they like it or not, you're going to speak your mind. They may get annoyed now, but they'll thank you in the long run.

3. You've mastered the art of endearing cynicism

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Are you being sarcastic, or laughing off a scary truth? Even you don't know anymore.

4. You may not be known for fashion, but at least you know what not to wear

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You're not at "Carrie standards" as far as your attire is concerned, but you will never be caught dead in a tragic outfit!

5. You can't control your facial expressions anymore, they just happen

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You're a professional eye-roller and you're damn proud of it.

6. Responsibility is your middle name

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Whether you're wearing two hats or working your way to the top of the career ladder, you're taking care of yourself. You do you, girl!

7. But you still know when it's time to party


Yeah, you're known for being the responsible one, but you also know how to have a good time... In the appropriate setting, of course.

8. Misfortune seems to follow you, but you know it'll all work out in the end

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I mean, who hasn't accidentally caught their speech on fire at their best friend's wedding, then had a man pour a drink on them to put the fire out??

9. You clearly have your priorities in order

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Because life without wifi just isn't worth living, is it?

10. But no matter how sarcastic and blunt you are, your friends love you for who you are

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Because there would be no Carrie, Samantha or Charlotte without their beloved Miranda!

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