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    If You Think There Is No Such Thing As Cute Winter Outerwear, Check Out These 25 Target Pieces

    It's time you master the art of apres ski minus the skiing.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A ribbed beanie to keep your head nice and warm as the temps drop further. Soft, comfortable, and coming in a ton of different colors, this beanie might just be your new favorite accessory.

    green ribbed beanie

    2. A cozy overcoat that's simple yet elegant and a gorgeous piece to add to your work wardrobe, especially if you're being forced to go to the office despite the snow. AND, IT'S SUPER WARM!

    Model wearing green and white jacket over black dress

    3. A purple balaclava because this way, you won't have to worry about it falling off while doing your "hot girl walk" or run. It has a four-way stretch, so it is actually as comfortable as it looks.

    A balaclava on a faux head

    4. A plaid sweater overcoat that'll be great for when the morning temps dip. Ideal for working from home, this is so easy to slide over anything and everything. We love this for a last minute meeting you totally forgot you had but still need to look put-together.

    Model wearing neutral plaid dress and black, brown and cream jacket

    5. A quilted bomber jacket for besties with a mild winter because it is cold enough for a coat but too warm for a puffer. As soft as cotton because it is actually 100% cotton, this gem will keep you look stylish but still comfy.

    Model wearing pink jacket over black top, blue and yellow skirt and backpack with green socks and black loafers

    6. A fleece anorak Jacket that'll keep you looking and feeling like a teddy bear in the best way. Cozy, cute, and casual, we'll take one in every single color.

    Model wearing green jacket with white pants

    7. A cropped puffer jacket to add to your winter wardrobe for a stylish head-to-toe look. We love this lightweight bb because it keeps you warm without the extra weight and it has a hood!

    Model wearing black and white jacket with tan skirt

    8. Or a longer puffer jacket that'll keep you dry all season long. We love the stripe detailing on this piece because it stands out and will get you all the compliments. Also to keep you extra warm, this has a zipper and snaps, so you're nice and secure.

    Model wearing blue jacket with matching bottoms

    9. A beanie with a pompom on the top because you love to make a statement with your hat. Chic and cozy, you'll be living in this all winter long.

    A pink beanie with a brown pompom on top

    10. A puffed wrap jacket that's giving us a puffer jacket but better vibes, so you can have the best of both worlds. Not only does it have pockets, but it has a wide collar, which makes it great for layering and showing off a little of what's underneath.

    Model wearing cream coat with brown pants and white socks and sneakers

    11. A utility jacket for days when the temps are above average this winter. What makes this super unique is its adjustable back, so it adapts to you as you move from a seated to a standing position.

    Model wearing tan jacket with black skirt

    12. A lightweight winter jacket that'll be perfect for those morning runs you're forcing yourself to take. BTW, this baby is water and wind resistant and machine-washable — aka it's everything we could possibly want in a jacket.

    A model wearing a green jacket and blue pants

    13. A faux fur jacket that says "Limitless" because that's exactly what you are. Complete with the perfect fuzzy texture and this bright color combo; this jacket is a must-have.

    Two models wearing the green, black and white jacket with jeans

    14. Or a solid color fuzzy bomber jacket for all the "soft girl vibes." Extra comfortable and a deal for feeling like you're wearing a blanket, this bb is high on our wishlist.

    Model wearing pink jacket with red pants

    15. A knit headband because you really don't want to mess up your hair today. Soft with a twist this might be your new favorite thing if you hate hats.

    A brown headband

    16. A faux leather varsity jacket for those whose winter is around 60 degrees (I am so jealous). Varsity coats have been everything this year, and as spring inches close, we can't wait to wear them again. BTW, this has two pockets and buttons-up; there is no zipper to worry about.

    Model wearing black and white jacket over green plaid mini skirt

    17. A thin but mighty fleece jacket that would be great for taking the dog out or a last minute run to the coffee shop. Soft, lightweight, and perfect for layering, this piece is great for a little extra warmth.

    Model wearing green jacket with blue matching workout set under

    18. A pair of winter hybrid pants to keep you extra warm. I know it's seems odd but hear me out; these over leggings are sure to look good and actually keep you toasty. These are amazing for your next snow day because they are water repellent, water resistant, wind resistant, machine washable, and have an adjustable waist.

    Model wearing snow pants with beige and white boots

    19. An oversized quilted jacket in the most gorgeous shade of green because you need this in your life. We love this jacket because it has not one but two giant pockets that you can store your phone, wallet, and snacks in. Who needs a purse anyways?

    Model wearing green jacket with white pants

    20. A classic trench for those who have a bit of a warmer winter. Designed to be so breathable, it even has ventilating mesh on the back; which helps make this jacket comfortable for multiple seasons.

    21. A snood that will keep your neck nice and warm. All you need to do is slide it in, and it will stay in place, no need to worry about it flying off like a scarf. It's made of soft and stretchy rib-textured material, the only problem is you might not want to take it off.

    A pink snood

    22. A colorblock quarter-zip because your wardrobe deffo needs this. This jacket was made with heavyweight faux shearling, so it will keep you extra warm, and it has pockets!

    Model wearing pink top with green pants

    23. A faux fleece-lined jacket to keep you looking and feeling warm. Machine washable, and easy to throw on, and stunning, statement coats for the win!

    Model wearing grey and white coat with grey pants

    24. A fuzzy shacket because it's the perfect extra layer for warmth. We love this fleece bb because it's cute, comfy, and warm. What else can we say, other than we are in love?

    Model wearing black top with green and black skirt with white shacket

    25. A collarless corduroy jacket that'll be incredible for a winter-to-spring transition. It's not too heavy, keeps you warm, and works great over a blouse or T-shirt.

    Model wearing orange coat with jeans

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