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    20 Great Pairs Of Sunglasses With Literally Thousands Of Positive Reviews

    Sunnier days = time for new sunnies.

    1. A pair of Micheal Kors sunglasses that'll do a great job of covering those designer bags under your eyes. The massive size of these babies means they're perfect to hide away from the world with while also protecting your precious eyeballs.

    A reviewer wearing black sunglasses with a white top

    2. A pair of classic aviators to give you that "I travel around the world daily" kind of look. Timeless and stunning these will look fabulous on practically everyone.

    Model wearing sunglasses

    3. A pair of smaller rectangle shades for an ~It Girl™~ vibe. Vintage-inspired, shatterproof, and super durable, these sunnies are certainly calling your name this summer.

    A reviewer wearing oversized black blazer, belt and black sunnies

    4. A pair of heart sunglasses basically a dupe for the ones Harry Styles wore that one time. You're welcome. Fun, colorful, and perfectly whimsical, not only are these great for the gram' but they're great for your next outdoor gathering.

    A reviewer with blue hair, blue sunglasses and blue head scarf

    5. A pair of oversized sunnies to shield you from the cruel world after you downed a bottle of rosé last night. Not only are these polarized but they also come in almost every color combo possible. Did we mention they have over 17,000 5-star reviews? Because they do.

    reviewer wearing black sunnies with red top

    6. A pair of round glasses that'll give any outfit the perfect finishing touch. Lightweight and complete with the reflective lens? It's a yes for us.

    A reviewer wearing black sunglasses with grey sweatshirt

    7. A pair of wrap-around sunglasses for a Y2K-inspired sporty look. These may be super lightweight, but they still super durable so you don't have to worry if you drop them on your HGW.

    A reviewer wearing black sunglasses and yellow shirt

    8. A pair of whimsical sunglasses inspired by Kurt Cobain because you simply need them. Easy to wear, no matter the occasion, these will have everyone asking you where you got them so they can grab a pair themselves.

    A reviewer wearing white and black sunglasses with striped shirt and sweater

    9. A pair of rounded sunnies giving us "I'm a celeb don't speak to me" vibes. There's no easier way to pretend you're famous or just avoid people in general than by hiding behind a gorg pair of big sunglasses.

    A reviewer wearing black sunglasses with a blue shirt

    10. A pair of '70s-inspired sunglasses for a more vintage feel. Not only are these super stylish, but the frames are actually biodegradable and plant-based! How cool is that?

    Model wearing yellow sunglasses with a striped top outside

    11. A pair of stunning sunnies to keep you looking and feeling fabulous while protecting your eyes from the dangerous sun now that it's out practically every single day.

    A reviewer wearing redish brown sunglasses with grey shirt and grey sweatshirt

    12. A pair of semi-rimless framed sunglasses that'll transport you directly back to the 2010s. Coming in a variety of colors, you might just need to pick up multiple pairs while reminiscing about the "good ole days" on Tumblr.

    A reviewer wearing black sunglasses with a black outfit

    13. A pair of heart-shaped sunglasses because sometimes you just want to look and feel super cute. These are perfect for a day at the beach or that upcoming music festival you're counting down the days to.

    A reviewer wearing white rimmed and brown sunglasses in a black top

    14. A pair of polarized aviators giving us Top Gun: Maverick vibes. Miles Teller is that you?? Sexy and sleek, these aviators deserve a place in your growing sunglasses collection.

    model wearing the sunglasses

    15. A pair of Ray-Ban-inspired sunnies that'll give you that top-tier look for so much less. If you're looking to explore new sunglass shapes but aren't sure you want to spend $$$, these are perfect for you.

    16. A pair of sunnies with over 13,000 5-star reviews because you deserve them. Did we mention they cost under $20 each, so when you lose them at the beach you can easily replace them? Because we know that's bound to happen and we don't judge you for it. We're here to help.

    A reviewer wearing blue sunglasses with yellow lab licking their face

    17. A pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses because everyone and their mother needs a pair of these in their sunglass rotation. There's nothing like a classic pair of sunnies to last you a lifetime.

    A pair of Black sunglasses

    18. A pair of cat-eye sunnies that are a little smaller than your traditional cat-eye sunglasses but still just as stylish. Very much giving model off-duty vibes, IMO.

    A reviewer wearing yellow sunglasses with a white tee

    19. A pair of Celine-inspired sunglasses for those who want to look chic and designer but are on a budget. Stylish, oh-so-cool, and everything you could dream of, these aren't a want but a need.

    20. And a pair of viral yellow-frame sunglasses because they're back in stock after basically flying off the shelves during the height of their popularity. I have these and every single time I step foot outside with them on, I get about a million compliments. I also LOOOVE the retro look they give, it's everything! They just make me feel so cool!

    Reviewer wearing yellow frame sunglasses with brown shirt

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