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    26 Pet Products From Chewy That Owners Of Extra-Large Dogs Truly Love

    Pros of having a large doggo, there's more to love. Cons: none.

    1. A bodysuit for your dog to protect your home from shedding. Yes, an actual bodysuit; it's made from recycled and environmentally friendly material. Bonus: It promises to be easy to put on and take off.

    A large dog in a black bodysuit

    2. A giant storage bin that'll store your pup's food so it doesn't get stale. Made with BPA-free food-grade plastic, this will keep your pet's food safe. Since it comes in giant sizes, you can get an XL bag of food, too.

    Dog and human with large food containers

    3. A modern-looking elevated food dish because your pup deserves to eat in style. Besides looking stunning, this set promises to be easy to clean and the bowls are dishwasher safe.

    A modern black and wood dog food bowl

    4. Or, a simpler elevated dog dish for your favorite messy eater. It's even complete with a special rim that'll help keep your floor clean.

    A dog eating from a tall plastic food container

    5. A set of 120 ~extra-large~ poop bags because XL dogs sometimes take XL poops. Say goodbye to using 393,299,413 poop bags to clean up one poop. Bonus: These extra-thick bags are made from leakproof plastic so you don't have to worry about any messes.

    Person picking up a large poop bag

    6. A set of giant potty pads for a giant doggo. Training your puppy doesn't have to be hard when using these leakproof and fast-drying potty pads. Your home will thank you, trust me.

    A large brown dog on blue potty pad

    7. An extremely large dog crate that'll be perfect for your extra-large pup. Made of strong and durable materials, this will keep your baby secure and keep them super comfortable, too.

    A large crate with a gray dog

    8. A set of large chew bones my dog personally cannot stop chewing on. An alternative to rawhide, these chews are safe, highly digestible, and last a long time (take it from me, a fellow pup parent).

    A set of three red dog bones

    9. Or a grain-free Blue Buffalo dental chew because your best buddy's breath might need a little refresh. Besides freshening your pup's breath, these chews also help clean your pup's teeth.

    A brown bone that says wilderness

    10. A plush Kong bear toy that's made with durable rope and minimal stuffing. Not only can they cuddle with it, but they can also play tug-o'-war with it.

    A dog with a gray teddy bear

    11. An elevated dog bed perfect for keeping your pet comfortable when you have your next patio-centric meal. It's built from materials that'll increase airflow, so your pup can stay cool, no matter the weather. It also has nonskid rubber feet to keep your dog supported.

    Two dogs on a giant brown dog bed

    12. A padded no-pull dog leader to help you leash train your doggo. Created to help stop pulling and jumping, this item is easy to put on and is designed with their comfort in mind.

    A medium brown and white dog with purple headcollar in park

    13. A rawhide-free chew that'll be easily digestible for your favorite chewer. My picky pup loves these so much that she actually begs for them.

    A brown and red chew stick for dogs

    14. A reflective dog leash because the night walks are getting longer as the days are getting shorter. Finished with soft mesh padding for your comfort and tested to withstand the strength of large dogs, this is the perfect addition to your leash collection.

    A brown dog with a green leash

    15. A large squeaky llama toy for your pup to drag around the house. With its long and textured neck, it is designed to keep your dog stimulated and to be easy to throw around your home for a game of fetch.

    A brown dog chewing on a white llama toy

    16. A three-knot toy because tug-o'-war is your pup's favorite game. Designed with strong dogs in mind, this 100% natural cotton toy is fun for them to play with, and the rope fibers even help floss your dog's teeth.

    Large brown and white dog with a colorful rope toy

    17. An extra-large Kong squeaker ball for your extra-large doggo. Bonus: It's made with chewers in mind and features a special nonabrasive felt that'll keep your pup's teeth safe.

    A gray and white dog with a yellow ball in its mouth

    18. A natural cheese chew because your dog probably loves cheese just as much as you do. These chews are made from cow and yak milk, plus salt and lime juice. You'll catch your pup drooling at the thought of these alone.

    A yellow dog eating a yellow treat

    19. An oversized Mickey Mouse donut dog toy that'll bring some Disney magic into your home. Full of crinkle paper and squeakers, this is sure to become your XL pup's favorite toy.

    A large brown and white dog playing with a brown toy

    20. A three-in-one toy because your dog deserve it. Complete with a ball, nylon bone, and treats, this will easily become your pup's new favorite thing. As someone who owns a chewer, I can attest to the fact that this toy keeps my pup busy for hours.

    A purple and white dog toy

    21. A Scooby-Doo customized collar because jinkies, it might just be the most perfect collar ever. Easy to clean, made from polyester, durable, and made in the USA?! * Adds to cart*

    A green, orange and blue collar with orange words on it

    22. Or a leather collar should it suit your pup's vibe more. This collar is made from 100% genuine full-grain leather, which is water-resistant, easy to clean, and doesn't fray like your typical collar.

    A black leather collar with buckle

    23. A calming donut bed for your pup, so their dreams can be as wonderful as yours. Due to its insulation layer, the faux-shag bed can even warm your pet by using their own body heat. Bonus: It's machine washable and dryer safe!

    Dark brown dog in a fluffy gray bed

    24. Or a plush suede orthopedic bed for your favorite furry pal. Created with faux fur, a medical-grade orthopedic foam base, and egg-crate foam, it's sure to give your pet a peaceful night's sleep.

    Brown and white dog in brown bed

    25. A rubber ducky raincoat because your pup would look so cute wearing this. As someone who owns a larger doggo, coats never fit her, but this coat goes up to 3X, so I'm manifesting the perfect fit for us all.

    A yellow dog wearing a blue and yellow coat with hood

    26. And a customized buffalo plaid bandana because 'tis the season to start taking 2021 holiday photos.

    A red and black bandana with letters

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