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21 Insanely Helpful New Ways To Use Your Hair Conditioner

Hair conditioner: It's total wonder stuff. Finally, some ideas on how to disperse all those hotel-size samples.

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1. DIY dry clean your silk clothing. / Via

About a tablespoon of conditioner and a sink filled with room temperature water saves you a fat dry cleaning bill. Keep garments submerged for a few minutes, rinse and then hang to dry.


10. Freshen fabrics.


Now you're tangle-free, turn the nozzle to various plush furniture, curtains or — eek! —actual clothing. The same spray adds a burst of clean smell to things that might not smell great otherwise.

12. Attempt to rescue a shrunken sweater.

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This isn't 100%, but it's a good shot at saving the sweater you accidentally dried on high. Mix about a tablespoon of conditioner in a bucket of water until dissolved. Let the sweater sit submerged so it softens. Gently stretch back out to its original size.