21 Insanely Helpful New Ways To Use Your Hair Conditioner

    Hair conditioner: It's total wonder stuff. Finally, some ideas on how to disperse all those hotel-size samples.

    1. DIY dry clean your silk clothing.

    2. Wash lingerie and other delicates.

    3. Protect leather shoes from snow and salt.

    4. Remove eye makeup.

    5. Soften makeup and paint brushes.

    6. Use as cuticle cream.

    7. Tame static-y hair.

    8. Smooth hair frizzies.

    9. Detangle.

    10. Freshen fabrics.

    11. Soften clothes and other linens.

    12. Attempt to rescue a shrunken sweater.

    13. Prevent tools from rusting.

    14. Unclog drains.

    15. Inject moisturizer in your bathwater.

    16. Shine stainless steel.

    17. Remove stuck rings.

    18. Painlessly(ish) remove a bandage.

    19. Silence various squeaks.

    20. Loosen sticky zippers.

    21. Lastly, use as shaving cream.