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Then VS Now: Beauty And The Beast

The tale of Beauty and The Beast has been told and retold for many generations. Join us in looking back at some of many nuances of the timeless story and tune in to The CW's Beauty and The Beast, Mondays at 9/8c

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The Soundtrack

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Then: Dreamy, mood-filled music composed by legendary French film scorer Georges Auric.

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Now: Snow Patrol's beautiful song "New York" set the tone in CW's early Beauty and The Beast promos.

The Nemeses

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Then: In Cocteau's Beauty and The Beast, several member of Belle's family and entourage band together to try to murder the Beast. The most conniving of which is Avenant, Belle's ex.

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Now: Catherine Chandler was nearly killed when she was a teenager, and saw her mother die before her eyes. The assaillants are still at large and she's determined to find them and prosecute them.

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