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Now And Then: #1 Pop Hits Around The Globe

2002: Alicia Keys stormed the Grammys, Austin Powers in Goldmember dominated the box office, and the wub-wub-wubs of dubstep were but a faint playground dream in a young Skrillex's mop-topped head. The times, they are-a-changin'. Listen to the latest and greatest tunes to top the pop charts with the signature sound of Beats by Dre headphones.

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Maroon 5 frontman and renaissance pop music maven Adam Levine continues to dominate the pop billboard's top spots with "One More Night," a reggae-infused ballad to lost love and wearing cool sunglasses.

Long before he was Mr. Avril Lavigne, Canada-bred "This is How You Remind Me" rocker Chad Kroeger and band Nickelback topped the Billboard Hot 100 with this certified Gold single, which would go on to become the #1 Most Played Song of 2002 inside the States. Legend has it that someone is still rocking out to it to this day.

Viral K-pop super-sensation Psy's ultra-fun ode to fast living, fancy ladies, and cheesy dancing remains perched atop the German pop charts for another week, narrowly beating out Adele's latest addition to the James Bond legacy.

Stranger than fiction: a salsa re-imagining of hip-hop classic "Rapper's Delight" called "The Ketchup Song" snagged the number one chart spot in over 22 countries. Well played, awkwardly-named-Spanish-girl-group Las Ketchup.

It's true, sometimes the baddest girl in R&B stays off Instagram long enough to record insanely popular, chart-conquering #1 pop songs with her peerless pipes, like the recently-released "Diamonds."

Sometimes pop music is serious biz, chockfull of raw emotions and reaffirming lyrics. And then there's the Bratisla Boys, who snatched the #1 single spot with the deviously fun -- and wholly nonsensical -- "Stach Stach" for four months straight.

Just because "Gangnam Style" didn't catch on in Japan doesn't mean the K-Pop invasion is showing any signs of slowing. Just ask leggy quintet Kara, who've stormed the charts for the umpteenth time with their latest single, "Electric Boy."

The first pop princess with a poker face, superstar songstress Ayumi Hamasaki swept the Oricon charts with "H," 2002's most popular Japanese single.

Scottish songwriter Calvin Harris took a quick reprieve from infecting the airwaves with ludicrously catchy Rihanna jams to conquer his native UK with "Sweet Nothing," featuring Florence Welch.

Pop quiz, hot shot: is hunky Brit Will Young A) a reality show winner from the proto-American Idol, Britain's Pop Idol, B) the voice behind the fastest selling debut single to date, "Anything is Possible," C) the owner of the dreamiest, most piercing-est eyes you ever did see, or D) all of the above?

Hint: it's D.