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10 Of The Most Unexpected Celebrity Cameos In Music Videos

Movie stars just pop up in the darndest places. Experience music the way it was meant to be heard with the impressive audio of Beats By Dre headphones.

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It's not a grimy grindhouse car chase until the baddest bald head in Hollywood, Bruce Willis, sneers onto the scene. Willis made a surprise cameo in the debut single from the Gorillaz last studio album, the crack-funk "Stylo," although it's quite possible that speeding El Caminos through the California desert is a pretty standard part of the Die Hard hero's day-to-day routine.



When Christina Hendricks isn't sassing up Madison Avenue as the sultry Joan Halloway (or occupying your every waking thought because come on it's Christina Hendricks) she's speeding through the stars as a cybernetic space traveler in this Broken Bells single, "The Ghost Inside."



Steely-eyed Idris Elba has a history of collaborating with the hip-hop community, but we have to admit -- we never took Stringer Bell for much of a folk-rock fan. The award-winning actor paired with scruffy Celtic crooners Mumford and Sons to both direct and star in the video for the jaunty "Lover of the Light." Ten bucks says they paid him in flannel and banjo strums.



Now you can check "Music Videos" off of your "Things Aubrey Plaza Has Stared Daggers Through" bingo card. The indie film starlet (and grumpy Parks & Recs staple) gives a standout performance as a self-destructive twentysomething in the video for "Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings" by former Fleet Fox and folk-rocker Father John Misty.



Who better to complement the delightful surreality of this Vampire Weekend video than Donnie Darko himself? Jake Gyllenhaal leads an absurd ensemble cast in the video for "Give Up The Gun," alongside other apparently-selected-at-random celebs Lil' Jon, Joe Jonas, and the Wu-Tang's RZA.



A million dollars isn't cool. You know what's cool? Starring in a music video where you get to make out with Scarlett Johansson, because you're Justin Timberlake and things just kind of tend to work out for you like that.



Exhibit A in the case that Black Swan star Natalie Portman actually has a sense of humor: watching her smirk, sway, and gyrate through this freak-folk Bollywood homage by artist Devendra Barnhart. Exhibit B: Your Highness there is no Exhibit B.



2007: the year that Kanye West commissioned a pre-fame Zach Galifianakis to lip-sync "Can't Tell Me Nothing" while gesticulating on tractors in front of joyless clog dancers across his North Carolina farm. Everything else that happened that year was purely incidental.



When the Beastie Boys set out (and succeeded) in making the Greatest Music Video Ever, they didn't pull any punches in calling in favors from their star-studded friends. Which is why pretty much everyone -- from Elijah Wood to Steve Buscemi to Amy Poehler to Will Arnett -- has a second to shine in the outstanding lead single off their last album.