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12 Of The Easiest Ways To Earn "Favorite Uncle" Status

Snagging a permanent top spot from your nieces and nephews is simple. Find out how one rather unconventional Uncle does it in a brand new comedy series starting on BBC Three – Uncle Mondays at 10pm and on BBC iPlayer.

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1. Take your niece or nephew along for a joyride or two.

2. Or help them bring a wacky invention to life.

3. Introduce them to your timeless traditions that they'll pass down, too – like fishing.

4. And your other aquatic talents.

5. As well as the talents they probably shouldn't know you have.

6. Blow their minds by letting out a secret or two about their parents' past.

7. Spend some hard-earned cash on a nice surprise of some sort.

8. Encourage them to be resourceful and creative.

9. Be the one who's responsible for the epic life transition from training wheels to a "big kid bike."

10. Offer an open ear when they need one.

11. If they're down, remind them they're the coolest kid in school.

12. Say this a lot less than their parents.

And you'll be guaranteed to stay in their good books.

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See if one man wins the love and favour of his nephew in Uncle, Mondays at 10pm on BBC Three and on BBC iPlayer.