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14 Things We Would Do If We Were The Teacher

The students always think they can do better. Check out BBC Three's Bad Education and learn what it's like to teach a bunch of know-it-all's.

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14. Every test would be open book. Or open phone? Open internet!

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13. Marks would be handled on a "need-to-know" basis.


12. Book discussions would only last as long as bag of crisps.

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11. Misspellings would be forgiven as long as they showed creativity.

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10. No chemistry lesson would be finished until we made at least one thing explode.

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9. We would honor the swots one day every year.

But that's all.
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But that's all.

8. English literature would be acted out....with puppets.

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7. Dunce caps would not be off limits.

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6. But neither would sombreros!

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5. School trips would happen at least weekly.

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4. And pets in class would be encouraged.

3. PE class would be replaced by a speedy dance-off.

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2. Doodles would be obligatory.

1. But homework would definitely be optional.

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Check out when a teacher gets it really wrong in the brand new series of Bad Education starting Tuesday at 10pm on BBC Three. Watch it now on BBC iPlayer.