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12 Nightmare Classroom Scenarios That Used To Keep Us Up At Night

Secondary school is a disaster waiting to happen, at least that's what our dreams told us. Watch the students on BBC Three's Bad Education deal with every awkward scenario imaginable.

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1. Not doing your homework and the teacher catches you out.

2. Getting caught staring dreamily at the person you fancy in class.

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3. Arriving to your maths exam only to realise your calculator’s out of batteries.

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4. Beep test in PE. Anything in PE class, really.

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5. Like dodgeball, for example. Oh dodgeball, how we loathe you.

6. Getting a love note intercepted by your teacher and read out in class.

7. Realising parent’s evening is around the corner and they don’t know you’ve failed your exams yet.

8. Anytime your parents have to be on the premises is terrifying, let's be honest.

9. Eating too many onions with lunch, you have no chewing gum and it’s time for a group exercise in science. What if everyone can smell your breath?

10. Finding out your skirt is tucked into your tights after a rushed toilet trip.

11. Pushing your chair back and having it make a strange sound. Everyone’s going to think you farted. Oh help!

12. Having a massive exam in the morning and only remembering hours before bed.


But let's be honest, who doesn't do that?

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See what it’s like to have a teacher horrible enough to infiltrate your nightmares in the new series of Bad Education starting Tuesday at 10pm on BBC Three. Watch it now on BBC iPlayer.