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15 Examples Of Why Mugshots Were Way Cooler In The 1800s

These days, pretty much everyone looks terrible or like a joke in their mugshots. Back in the nineteenth-century, they looked the same—but with a bit more style. And now you can emulate the exact same style with the "Mugshot Yourself" app, below—and then tune into Copper, new episodes Sundays at 10/9c only on BBC America.

1. Amy Gill

2. Alick Evan McGregor

3. Aporo Paerata

4. Heuare Kakukuio

5. David Kirk Rhodes

6. Catherine Read

7. Basil Cochrane

8. Frederick C.L. Flint

9. Thomas Murphy

10. "Paddy the Devil"

11. Edward Nolan

12. Mary Davies

13. George Walter Foster

14. Jane Brown

15. Maurice Kerr

Think these mugshots are sick? With BBC America's new app, you can make yourself look like a nineteenth-century rapscallion. MUGSHOT YOURSELF:


If you think you look good enough to rough up the town like these guys, add your mugshot in the comments!