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10 Font Combination Tips That Will Save Your Design

It has never been easy to find the perfect font for various design projects. Finding the perfect font to add that complete touch to your project demands a sort of professional approach. Never overlook the importance of fonts and how it could directly affect the outcome or the reaction of others toward your project. But don’t worry, I got your back with these 10 simple font combination tips to rock your designs. *Don’t forget to check out the fonts used below each tip! You can find them all on

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1. There are 4 general types of classification

It’s important for you to know these 4: Sans Serif (the minimalistic ones), Serif (the ones with little feet in the bottom and hat on the top), Decorative (the crazy ones) and Script (the fancy ones).

Fonts used:



Pertiwi Script


5. Play with the same family of fonts.

This might sound like I’m contradicting the previous point. However, if you take Helvetica Light and Helvetica Condensed Black, do they look like similar fonts? They don’t. Just try it. AND they’re from the same family.

Fonts used:


8. Play with the kerning.

But don’t abuse it. You don’t have to stick with the original spacing between the letters of every font. Believe it or not, you can actually play around with it, just be sure to keep the balance.

Fonts used:



9. Limit number of fonts.

Now, I know you might have the most kick ass collection of fonts in your computer, but please limit the usage of them to 2 or 3 per project and no more! Otherwise, everyone will know you are a newbie.

Fonts used:




Zombie Dust

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