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The Gamers We All Encounter In Online First-Person Shooters

These are the persons you'll meet in every first-person shooter.

1. The person who is so good that you have to wonder what their personal life is like.

2. That mysterious person on your squad who never talks on the mic but is constantly saving you.

3. That person who doesn't realize their mic is on so you can hear their whole conversation with someone else.

4. Or the person who is loudly eating into the mic.

5. That person who always chucks a grenade right before you shoot them, effectively killing both of you every time.

6. That crafty person who takes the sniper rifle and takes out your whole squad from a spot that is somehow everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

7. Unfortunately, spawn campers exist.

8. And every squad has that tragically optimistic member, charges forth with no game plan, aggros the enemy, and everyone dies.

9. There's that person who is mostly bad at the game...until they get into a vehicle.

10. And finally, the person who is literally a child.


Additional images courtesy of Getty Images.

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