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18 Gifts Barnes & Noble Has For Everyone On Your Shopping List

It's simple math. One website + your entire gift list = DONE.

1. For the witch or wizard in your life.

2. For the trendsetter.

3. For the one who likes a stiff drink and a good read.

4. For the one who likes to wind down with a nice glass of chardonnay.

5. For the one who can't walk down the street without petting every single dog.

6. For the Jedi Knight in training.

7. For the one who appreciates fine art.

8. For the one who can't stop singing.

9. For the one who needs a record player for that new Taylor Swift album.

10. For the karaoke addict.

11. For the Disney fanatic looking to get into real estate.

12. For the coworker whose name you drew for the white elephant party.

13. For the fiction-loving bookworm.

14. For the TV fan who wants to be a reader.

15. For the sensitive soul.

16. For the one with a unique glow.

17. For the one with a unique aesthetic.

18. For the Gilmore Girls superfan.

Holiday shopping doesn't have to be a burden! Check off everyone on your list and check out the Barnes & Noble Holiday gift list for even more gift ideas!