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BarkYard Is Lawn Care Made Easy, And It Helps Veterans And Service Dogs Too

Want to take your lawn from lackluster to lush? Give BarkYard a try!

Calling all dog owners! It's time to get that lawn in shape and help provide essential canine companions to veterans and people with disabilities.

Did you know you could do both at once? Let's be honest, being a dog owner is awesome! Seeing brown patches on your beautiful lawn where your four-legged child frequently does their business is...not awesome.

Enter: BarkYard, the lawn care kit for dog owners that's going above and beyond.

The BarkYard kit comes with two products that are shipped right to your door. Good Boy thickens lawns and improves color. Bad Spot! repairs damage that's developed over time. And the best part is, when you buy BarkYard, a portion of your purchase will go to Canine Companions for Independence, an amazing organization that works to pair trained service dogs and people with disabilities to help them lead empowered lives.

If there's one thing us dog owners know, it's that having a pup is one of the great joys in life.

BarkYard and Canine Companions for Independence want to make sure that everyone who needs a service dog can have one.

So when you buy BarkYard, you're treating yourself to the lawn of your dreams and helping someone else in the process.

How cool is that?

BarkYard is great for your yard, and safe for your pet when used as directed. That means that your beautiful outdoor space helps service dogs and their future owners.

So you can feel good about what you're buying and transform your yard with confidence.

Pick up a BarkYard kit to transform your lawn and help transform the life of a veteran or a person with a disability through Canine Companions for Independence.