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17 Weird Things That Totally Make Sense If You're A Dog Person

There are people who have dogs, and then there are DOG PEOPLE. Take it from BarkBox: Dog people are the absolute best people.

1. You sing weird songs to your dog about your dog because you're pretty sure they like it.

2. You have, like, 95 nicknames for your dog that make zero sense.

3. You search pictures of dogs similar to your dog so you can show them to other people and say, "This looks just like my dog."

Just took a picture of a dog that looks like my dog so I can later show it to my dog. Totally normal behavior. 🐕

Who knows? Maybe they're related!

4. You allow your dog to get away with things you wouldn't allow any human to do.

5. The first thing you do when you show up to a party is check to see if a dog lives there.

6. You can differentiate between your dog's different barks and will helpfully inform people about what they mean.

7. You've had second thoughts about friends that your dog doesn't like.

it's not you it's my dog and he doesn't like you

8. You know when your dog is "not speaking to you."

9. You've had entire conversations with strangers' dogs without ever acknowledging the owner.

10. In fact, you're on a first-name basis with all of the dogs in your neighborhood but none of the neighbors.

11. You put a movie on for your dog when you leave, and you put a ton of thought into which movie it is.

12. You've stayed in bed way too long because your dog looked so comfy sleeping next to you.

13. You've started a social media account for your dog that's not really for other people and mostly just for you.

14. You've gone down a rabbit hole researching dog illnesses when your dog has sneezed weirdly.

15. You've spent hours just staring at them sleeping, like a serial killer.

16. You know what type, color, and level of squeakiness they demand in a toy.

17. You have more photos and videos of your dog than of anything else in your life.

True love is being late to work because you had to pick the poop out of your dog’s fluffy tail. Dog people get it.

And dog people get BarkBox.