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The 13 Kinds Of Bad Roommates Every Twentysomething Has Had

Nothing is worse than a bad roommate! Don’t be the jerk who leaves a huge kitchen mess again. Barilla® Pronto™ makes cooking (and cleanup) easy for everyone.

1. The Dish Depositor

2. The Megaslob

3. The King/Queen of Passive Aggression

4. The Secret Freeloader

5. The Obvious Freeloader

6. The OCD Neat Freak

7. The Hermit

8. The Oversharer

9. The Loudest Person on Earth

10. The Adult Child

11. The Double Roommate

12. The 24-hour Party Person

13. The Unreasonably Messy Cook

There are so many bad roommates in this world. Don't be the one who leaves the kitchen in shambles. Cook more effortlessly with Barilla® Pronto™. One Pan. No Boil. No Drain pasta.