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These Illustrations Will Turn You Into A Makeup Expert

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We talked with a bareMinerals beauty expert so she could teach us her magical, flawless ways. She answered all our burning questions and shared her advice on how to be a makeup pro!

1. What kind of foundation should I be using for my skin type? —Alex S.

2. Is there really a difference between powder foundation and liquid foundation? —Lisa N.

3. But seriously, how do I apply highlighter? —Tara P.

4. Which eyeshadows bring out different eye colors? —Jamie M.

5. Please help me. My foundation game is a mess — how do I get that flawless filter finish? —Kaye T.

6. How do I apply mascara so I don't get raccoon eyes? —Caitlin C.

7. How do I put on sunscreen and foundation without breaking out? —Candi L.

8. How do I stop the ravages of time from playing upon my face? —Catherine J.

9. How is primer supposed to work, and how do I make my makeup last? —Jo S.

10. Contouring. Just, how? By the time I blend it, you can't see that I did anything, so what's the point and how can I do it right? —Dana V.

11. How do I actually get my lipstick to stay on? —Janet K.

12. Does lip liner really do anything? And how do I use it? —Tessa S.

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