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7 Struggles Everyone With Acne-Prone Skin Understands

Think you can't wear foundation because of your acne-prone skin? Try bareMinerals Blemish Rescue, a foundation that's actually good for your skin.

1. Magnifying mirrors are the devil's invention.

2. When you think your concealer shade is flawless when you leave the house:

3. You've tried every treatment in the book, even prescriptions.

4. You'll never forgive your parents for passing on the bad-skin gene.

5. You know all the kids at your school who have worse acne than you.

6. Popping whiteheads is part of your morning routine.

7. You might not have had acne in a while, but you can still see the scars.

Illustrations by Kevin Valente.

Having acne is no joke. Good thing there's bareMinerals Blemish Rescue, a non-irritating foundation that can reduce the appearance of acne in as little as three weeks*.

*Based on a 6-week US clinical study of 30 female subjects