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Students Tell Us How They Save Money At Uni

Just don't tell their parents how they spend money at uni.

1. Take cash out and leave the cards at home.

2. Finding out when the supermarkets start their reductions.

3. Or even better, nab a part-time job where you'll be able to take home unsold food.

4. And of course, there's always the "brand ambassador" option.

5. Trying not to go food shopping when you're hungry (or hungover).

6. Ransacking Freshers' Fairs.

7. Stocking up over the holidays.

8. Student-friendly websites.

9. Loitering around course open days for the free food.

10. Keep an eye on what gets left behind at the end of the year.

11. Don't fall for the Uni textbook scam.

12. Take part in market research.

13. Cosying up to your landlord.

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