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Want To Be The ‘Next Big Thing’ In Vine?

Do you like filming or taking videos? Then you may be interested to participate in a new challenge – recording videos in 6 seconds maximum. If you think you have a good shot, then maybe Vine is the right app for you. Vine is an application that enables its users to create short video clips up to 6 seconds long while recording through the in-app camera. Similar to other apps, the app only records as long as the screen is being pressed, enabling users to edit on the fly or create stop-motion effects. It is available for both Android and iOS devices and can be downloaded on Google Play Store and the App store. Twitter acquired vine in October 2012 and in June 2013, it was noted to grow from 77,000 unique visitors to 3.6 million unique desktop visitors in just five months. Today, Vine has 200 million active monthly users according to Venture Beat and has engaged audiences that watch more than 1.5 billion loops or video plays per day.

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1. Where do I sign up to get more followers?

Think of it: like any other platform that places value on algorithm – the more followers your account has, the more influence or visibility the platform give you. That is why it is important to build on your following if you want more people to discover your amazing content.

According to ReeISEO, the top 10 Viners accounted for 1.62 billion loops in February 2016. Want more engagements? Here are some tips on becoming the next big thing:

* Be a regular. Cliché as it may sound but building a following requires a user to invest time on it. Vine daily! Like every social media platform, you have to stay active so your followers know that you still exist and that you are worth the follow.

* Show your talents! Since you want to prove why your followers should remain following you (or new users to stay up to date to your posts), you might as well give them a reason why they should follow you. Show them your talents! If you know how to play an instrument or have a great voice, then you should try to squeeze it within 6 seconds. Do not be shy! It is fun after all. Remember, everyone who went viral did something weird or crazy!

* Use hashtags. To be famous in Vine, you need to utilize hashtags. It is a cool feature for tagging posts under keywords. You need not to use existing hashtags, if you have a good following (and if you want to have more), you can start making your own trend and start attracting attention to yourself. Your self-made hashtags can be a cool way to distinguish yourself from other Viners and could be others mark of reference about you. Make it fun and creative! Make sure it is worth for a follow!

* Sponsor someone to talk about you! While most people think only the big-whigs can sponsor someone to push their brand, you’ll be surprised to find out that its much easier than that. You can check use Fiverr for one-off sponsorships and Devumi, BuyViews, BuyPlays, or TwitterBoost for your vanity statistics.

* Promote other Viners!
While some people have their set follower-count or just checking out Vines to have a good day, promoting other Viners posting similar content is a great way of increasing new followers and making new friends. Following Viners in the same niche gives a big chance they might re-vine you as well and might even give you shout out. Who knows? People think that if that if the Viner they subscribe to follows you, then maybe you are worth the follow. Either way, you will get a new follow.

* Link to Twitter! It has been a while since Twitter bought Vine and many people have maximized the best of both worlds. Do not hesitate cross-posting between the two accounts! It is a good opportunity to show the Twitterverse about your really funky content on Vine. Some might even have both Twitter and Vine accounts and follow you on both platform!

* Follow a popular Viner. Make sure to follow a Viner who you really like and is mostly likely to give a follower a follow back. Like what has been said earlier, you may get follow backs, new followers who follow them, a re-vine, or a shout out. When you do this, you increase your audience and more people will see your content.

* Keep a niche! If you follow one of those #FollowBack accounts, you will sure get a lot of new followers. But keep in mind that these people care about the size of their audience rather than actually engaging with your vines. Building a targeted audience will help you succeed and get more followers. As more people understand the kind of content you produce and the people you follow and engage with, you have higher chances of having more engagements with followers who are genuinely interested with your Vine. Hence, more visibility on the in-app search engine!

* Post quality vines. This cannot be emphasized more. Like any other big thing in Vine, they know the difference between a good Vine or a bad Vine. There is a fine difference. Make sure you post quality vines that are worth your audience 6-second attention span. Otherwise, you will lose followers.

* Post frequently. By posting frequently, you have higher chances of increasing engagement for your vines. As your engagement increases, your visibility increases as well. If you have a schedule, your followers will not when to check in for a new 6-second video.

* Use other social media platforms.
Apart from Twitter, you can also use your other social media platforms to promote your content. Remember, there is a huge world outside. If you post in Facebook, your other friends will find out about your amazing content and that, well, you actually have an account on Vine. If they do have as well, you will probably get new followers overnight. Remember that the Internet is a web of networks and you have to think of creative ways to use it to your advantage.

Pretty sure you will get more followers if you just follow some of the tips outlined above. Remember, people’s attention span is getting shorter and shorter so make sure every second counts.

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