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Our 16 Favorite Anti-Heroes

Not every hero is a poster-boy. These “heroes” aren’t exactly the type that help find your kitty, but they definitely get the job done. This collection of misunderstood protagonists is brought to you by Banshee, a new series premiering January 11th at 10PM on Cinemax. Visit the Banshee GIF Shop for some questionable heroics from the show.

1. John Constantine

2. Michael Corleone

3. Frank Castle (The Punisher)

4. Jay Gatsby

5. Han Solo

6. Rorschach

7. Walter White

8. Wolverine

9. Max Payne

10. Léon: The Professional

11. Kratos

12. Tony Soprano

13. Duke Nukem

The Driver

14. Carl Johnson (CJ)

Lucas Hood (???)