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12 Reasons Why No One Hates Wayne Brady

Think about it. Can you think of a single thing you don't like about Wayne Brady? If you can, you're dead inside. Dude's a triple threat with a smile like sunshine. You can see him at this year's Banff World Media Festival!

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1. More often than not, he is making a lady swoon.

Paul Morigi / Getty Images

2. He understands internet.


Here, you can see that he has mastered the Harlem Shake in a way that begs the question - is he human?

3. He's a chameleon.

4. He breaks the typecast mold.

Comedy Central / Via

5. He wears a T-shirt, and he wears it well.

6. He's a great dancer, but he's humble about it.

NBC / Via

7. He truly cares about head cleanliness.

8. He makes sense in any decade.

9. He doesn't rub it in your face when he does The Worm better than you.

10. He will wait patiently while you pose for the perfect selfie.

11. He makes adorable children.

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

12. He always says exactly what he's thinking.


So honest.