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14 Things Your Kids Will Definitely Cry About This Summer

Sunscreen ain’t one of ‘em! Banana Boat® SunComfort® Lotion Sunscreen allows sand to easily brush off and makes it easier to protect your family, so everyone can play more and worry less.

1. You bought the "wrong" color ice pop.

2. They were found first in hide-and-seek.

3. They ate the seeds in a watermelon, and now they think a watermelon is growing inside of them.

4. You're, like, really embarrassing them.

5. You won't let them bring fireflies inside.

6. They don't want to go to summer camp...

7. ...but you make them go, and now they never want to come home.

8. They're bored 30 minutes into the road trip.

9. They're really tired after a sleepover.

10. The adult swim whistle blew.

11. One of their 25 friendship bracelets fell off.

12. Their marshmallow caught fire.

13. Dad said "yes," but Mom said "no."

14. Honestly, they don’t even know why they’re crying anymore, they just are.

Thankfully, sunscreen is one fewer thing your kid will cry about. Banana Boat® Kids SunComfort® Lotion Sunscreen allows sand to easily brush off. We’ve got you covered™!

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