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    22 Famous Movies-- But Better

    Because everything is better with Bees

    1. A tale as old as time

    2. You can't stop the BEEs

    3. This bee has got an offer you can't refuse...

    4. The name's Benson, Barry Benson

    5. You GO Barry Benson!

    6. Found-footage of the REAL Bee Witch

    7. I hate the way you fly and the way you buzz...

    8. The Queen Bee must be stopped!

    9. BEEfore Leo got his Oscar

    10. The fate of the human race is in one bee's hands

    11. A DisBee classic

    12. This bee of mine may truly sting me

    13. Love at first flight

    14. The adventure of a DinoBEE named BEEfoot

    15. Nicolas Bee is a real ~National Treasure~

    16. One bee that's always a bridesmaid, never a bride

    17. The Dark Bee Rises

    18. There were more than just mosquitoes stuck in the amber...

    19. Bee Valbee

    20. A family of super-bees

    21. This one came after the Chamber of Bees

    22. And, get'cha head in the hive!

    Oh, and there's mee-- but as a bee

    ALSO special shout out to my friend, Sam! The 10/10 AMAZING ~artist~ for this unBEElievable masterpiece

    "Bees don't care what humans think is impossible."