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    Only A True Pinterest Fan Will Have These 16 Things At Their Wedding

    A list of things any Pinterest fan would have on their dream wedding board.

    1. Donut wall


    Who doesn’t love a good donut? A donut wall creates an unforgettable backdrop for your dessert table, that will leave a lasting impression. Guests will love this creative and trendy idea.

    2. Instagram hastags


    A great way to make your night memorable is to have an instagram hashtag that all your guests can use. This makes it easy for you to find pictures your guests snapped during your wedding. You can use a play on words to make this hashtag personalized!

    3. Snapchat filters


    An affordable and fun way to get your guests involved in your wedding festivities.

    4. Sparkler send off


    Every wedding night needs to end with a little bit of sparkle. What better way to do this than the sparkler send off.

    5. Chalkboard wedding decor


    A great way to communicate event details to your guests in the most creative way!

    6. Blanket basket


    A thoughtful way to show guests that you care.

    7. Dancing shoes


    To keep guests comfortable and to ensure the dance floor is full, provide a change of shoes.

    8. Polaroid guestbook


    Don’t forget to get one of these! This is the best way to look back at everyone who came to share your special day.

    9. 'Mint to be' mints


    A great way to incorporate your wedding colors along with sending everyone home with a special party favor.

    10. Dessert bar/cupcake cake


    If this isn’t your favorite part, it will definitely be your guests! There’s a little bit of something for everyone.

    11. Our story board


    Let everyone read about how you fell in love and your journey as a couple (without having to tell the story 50 times that night).

    12. Flower crown


    The final piece to the perfect day. There are so many colors to choose from!

    13. Flower girl/ ring bearer signs


    It doesn’t get any cuter!

    14. Wedding date hangers


    An unforgettable gift you can give yourself and every bridesmaid. Plus you get to think about your wedding every time you see it!

    15. 'Will you be my bridesmaid?' boxes


    A customized way to show your girls you love them and can’t have your day without them.

    16. Quirky matching socks


    Let the guys have some fun too! This is a great way for your soon-to-be-hubby to show off his creative side.

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