10 Good Reasons To See “Bad Words”

This ain’t your momma’s comedy. That is, unless your momma has no filter and a complete disregard for what’s politically correct. If so, then this is definitely her comedy.

1. To watch Jason Bateman deal with chatty airplane passengers the way you’ve always wanted to.

2. For inspiration on how to turn up your prank game.

3. To brush up on your anatomy and learn that money can, in fact, buy happiness.

4. For tips on how to make a lady really swoon.

5. To watch Jason Bateman drop the mic on a bunch of nerds.

6. To learn how to properly deal with people who don’t mind their own business.

7. To watch anything you’ve ever known about being politically correct fly out the window.

8. The same thing goes for small talk and other niceties.

9. To study the art of psychological warfare.

10. And to get ideas for other fun family activities!

Watch the full red band trailer for Bad Words below!

And catch your new favorite dynamic duo in theaters this March.

**Content courtesy of Focus Features.

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