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Lesbian History Week

Lesbian History Week

An Illustrated Ode To Jessie Craigen: A Queer, Ugly, Working-Class Suffragist

Jessie Craigen is barely mentioned in footnotes about working-class women in the British suffrage movement. To me, she’s a hero.

How Much Do You Know About Lesbian History?

Sappho is just the beginning.

Remembering Lesley Gore, A Lesbian Icon

The queen of '60s pop who gave us "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to" deserves to be remembered as an outspoken advocate for queer and women's rights — not just a footnote in music history. Here's to the gay grandmother we've always needed.

Sending Off The Last Lesbian Bar In San Francisco

When a queer mecca like San Francisco runs out of dyke bars, is the future of the city's lesbian culture merely in flux — or is it in jeopardy? To find out, I documented the sights and sounds of the iconic Lexington Club before it closed forever.

The Black Lesbian Writers You Need To Be Reading

I wouldn't be the editor — or the person — I am today if I hadn't read the work of these extraordinary women.

Welcome To Lesbian History Week

Various writers look back on the queer ladies who came before us.

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