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Inside Palantir

Video Shows Palantir CEO Ridiculing Trump And Slamming His Immigration Rhetoric

Palantir works for the government’s immigration enforcers and other federal agencies, but in 2015 its CEO said, “it would be hard to make up someone I find less appealing” than Donald Trump.

A Silicon Valley Giant Blocked Its Investors From Selling Their Shares, Lawsuit Claims

The secretive Silicon Valley firm would interfere with planned share sales and steer business to a favored broker, an explosive new lawsuit claims.

Palantir's Man In The Pentagon

A former Palantir “evangelist” has taken a top job at the Defense Department, after spending years lobbying the Pentagon on behalf of the Silicon Valley company.

Trump's Election Boosted Demand For Palantir Shares, Investor Says

With its chairman sitting by the side of Donald Trump, the outlook for Palantir's government deals looks rosy. "Any additional contracts that I imagine they could get, they will get."

Ex-Palantir Employees Are Struggling To Sell Their Shares

“Demand has evaporated” for the shares that make up the bulk of Palantir's pay packages, and the company’s CEO seems aware of financial angst among his staff.

Confidential Document Shows How Peter Thiel Really Feels About Palantir

Thiel's venture capital firm privately values Palantir — the data analysis company of which he is chairman — at a 40% discount.

Palantir Seeks To Muzzle Former Employees

To participate in a company-arranged stock sale, former Palantir employees first had to promise not to poach the company's staff, or to talk to the media without its approval.

How Hired Hackers Got “Complete Control” Of Palantir

Palantir hired a cybersecurity firm last year to test its digital defenses. A confidential report shows how the pro hackers were able to dominate the tech company's network.

Inside Palantir, Silicon Valley's Most Secretive Company

A cache of internal documents shows that despite growing revenue, Palantir has lost top-tier clients, is struggling to stem staff departures, and isn't collecting most of the money it touts in high-value deals.

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