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Bacardi Coconut Tropical And Stormy

The Dark and Stormy has been given a tropical makeover, made with Bacardi Coconut, fresh pineapple and ginger beer. Summerlicious! 🥥 ☀️


2 tablespoons ginger syrup (from a jar of stem ginger)

2 pinches ground ginger

2 limes

50ml per person of Bacardi Coconut

200ml pineapple juice

To serve:



Ginger beer

Fresh ginger, sliced

Lime wedges

Fresh orange, sliced


1. Add 1 tablespoon of ginger syrup to each glass along with a pinch of ground ginger. Juice 1 lime into each glass and give a good stir.

2. Fill the glasses with ice and pour 50ml of Bacardi Coconut into each. Add 100ml per person of pineapple juice and stir. 

3. To finish, top the glasses up with ginger beer and add fresh ginger, lime, and orange to garnish.