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11 Women Recall The Boldest Pick-Ups They've Ever Heard

Men, friends don't let friends use terrible pick-up lines. There are two ways to go through life — aim to be bold with Bacardi Oakheart.

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I was reading Harry Potter during my lunch break at the Sony building in Midtown and this guy came up to me, waved nervously, then said really confidently, "Accio phone number." It was so adorable that I gave him a fake email address (had a boyfriend at the time).

—Kristin R.


My current boyfriend asked me if he could have a crush on me the first day I met him, and I said, "Fine."

—Cyndi N.


There was the time I got the police involved after I got in a fight with a pretzel vendor. The Pretzel Policeman told me he'd sweep the city for me to make sure vendors weren't jacking up their prices all over the place. Then he asked me out.

—Ashley C.


I met a guy at a party in college and didn't like him at all. But I let him walk me home because, well, crime. He remembered where I lived and would just show up at my house with ice cream all the time until I eventually dated him. (Which was a mistake in the end... BUT I really like ice cream.)

—Dana V.


I once gave a guy my number written on a ripped-out page from my notebook. Instead of saying "waddup" OR "hey you dropped your smile" or some gross pick-up line, he just texted me a photo of the notebook page the next day. Classy.

—Jen W.


One time I was in Union Square, and a guy came up to me and said, "Hi, I think you're really pretty and have nice eyes... just wanted to tell you that," and walked away. I thought it was a joke at first, but it was just a nice thing.

—Andrea H.


I was at a super-divey bar in Fort Lauderdale holding down the pool table. I played a cute boy and we were making eyes. He barely beat me and then he said, "I don't normally do this, nor do I ever go to bars, but do you think I can have your phone number?" He had me at the word "nor" and now we're married. OK. Bye.

—Jackie L.


I once met a guy who was deaf and asked if I had a sign name, and when I said I didn't, he signed, "Oh! Your sign name should be [sign for beautiful]."

—Emily S.


I chatted with a guy once at a yacht networking party. We got separated at the end before he could get my digits, but he remembered my name and where I worked. So he googled my business' phone number and called and ended up getting the PR girl's cell phone. She emailed me that he was trying to get in touch with me, and we dated for a solid two months.

—Isa D.


I was wearing a Pantera shirt and a guy in a Megadeth shirt came up to me and we started talking and he eventually said, "Hey, you wanna go for a WALK?" (Pantera song title) and I said, "That sounds like it could be one of 99 ways to die" (Megadeth song) and he said "You're kinda f****** hostile" (Pantera song) and I was like "Sorry" and he went "No. I want it that way," and then we bonded over Backstreet Boys and it was way fun!

—Mandy C.


At the wedding I went to on Saturday I was dancing on and off with this guy during the reception. We were having so much fun. The last song of the night was Donna Summer's "Last Dance." We proceeded to dance and sing the lyrics back and forth to each other... I need you by me / beside me / to guide me blah blah blah. The song ended with the two of us in a final pose, holding hands with arms out. We bowed (to no one) and then he spun me in, hugged me, and said: "And that, kids, is how I met your mother." Then we exchanged information.

—Julie R.