11 Experiences You Must Have Before You’re 30

Being in your 20s is rough, so let out the angst, friends! Get bold with Bacardi.

1. Skinny dipping!

Zach Klein / Via Flickr: 49503102897@N01

Let it all hang out, folks.

2. Doing something bold in the name of art.

Because you have a lot of feelings that need to be expressed.

3. Going on a blind date.

bmasso / Via instagram.com

(And actually enjoying it.)

4. Trying an extreme sport.

Because actually yolo.

5. Living abroad.

kellbellx23 / Via instagram.com

And then bragging about it on your blog for the next year.

6. Having a truly “When in Rome” moment.

Like letting go of all your worries and having a Piña Colada in paradise with the locals.

7. Dancing for three straight days at a music festival.

Also, not sleeping for three straight days at a music festival.

8. Learning to make something gourmet.

Katrin Morenz / Via Flickr: 26242865@N04

Like soufflé!

9. Running a marathon.

kkrobertos / Via instagram.com

You’ll look so cool to all your friends—they definitely don’t run marathons.

10. Camping …on the side of a mountain.

Gordon Wiltsie/National Geographic / Getty Images

You’re not alive until you’ve slept in a tent SUSPENDED IN THE AIR.

11. Living your life on the edge!

Now’s the time to be bold!

Inspired by “¡Vivimos!”

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