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    Guess The Song In Melanie Martinez's K-12 Album From Each Lyric Quiz!

    The thumbnail is a strawberry shortcake I baked! :D

    What song are these lyrics from?:"Too naive to even care."
    "I'm quitely observing, I'm saying nothing."
    "Give me passion, don't make fun of my fashion."
    "The teacher broke us up after I broke her."
    "She bit her lip back to him."
    "F* our dreams, and that's not right."
    "Please don't be mad if I don't smile back, alright."
    "If I cut myself I would bleed."
    "I believe you choose to blow it up on the reading carpet."(sry I don't know if I got the lyrics correct.)
    "Teacher, can I sit right there? This bi*ch behind me is cutting my hair!"
    "Fat as* in the brand-new jeans."
    "There's a whole world out there."
    "Look around the room for whoever wants me."
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