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Top 15 Desi Food Puns That Will Make Your Stomach Hurt

Headache or stomach ache? Check out these awesome food related puns to get your mind and soul satiated!

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1. Salami Ishq.

2. Ja Aish Kar.

*Jaya to Ash* Chicken curry shirt pe gira ke ye nikamma kahan gaya? Ash~ He has gone to take shawarma.

3. Mora Piya Mousse Bolat Naahi.

She: But tum itna dessert kaise khaa lete ho? Me: Mousse

4. I am hungry, Lettuce Go!

5. Will you Kismi?

6. Bowl na hulke hulke.

*Team dinner* Girl: *looking for the rice bowl,points* Bowl do na Zara Me: Dil me Jo hai chipa, main kisi se...

7. Some Puns Are Good Sambhar Bad!

When a foodie can find some good south Indian food, Dosa the best days for him.

8. Dough Dough Kar Maaro.

"I asked you to bring 8 chapati but you brought only 6." "Nahi sir, aapko kulche dikh rahe hai, paranthe."

9. Bohot He AAM Joke Hai!

Mangoes plucked at any hour during summers are sweet. Sab hour ka phall meetha hota hai.

10. Idly Mat Betho!

Waiter: "Medu Vada?" Me: "Nahin main khud le loonga. Thanks"

11. Laung Live Biryani!

Having biryani is like walking in a jungle full of land mines. Kya pata kaunsa loung, ilaichi ya methi ka bum muh mein phat jaaye.

12. If She Drinks Too Much, Liver!

For an alcoholic, it's always a liver die situation.

13. Omelette for work.

She: Aunty Pari ghar pe hai? Aunty: Nai beta, Parindey lane market gayi hai..

14. 'Aau' Kabhi Haveli Par, Pulao Khilaye

What is your favourite food ? Shakti Kapoor : Pull Aau ..!

15. Yeh To Hadd He 'Curd'i

Me: I'm eating curd for the first time. She: Dahi khaya hai pahli baar? Me: Saajan ki aankhon me pyar.

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