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The Reality of Valentine’s Day for Social Media Users

Some advice on surviving Social Media on Valentine's Day.

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St Valentine’s Day is universally recognised as a day of celebration of all things love and romance, and is predominantly intended for individuals in a relationship.

The reality of Valentine’s Day for individuals without a significant other however is often much different, which can lead to feelings of irritation and dismay amongst singletons, particularly where Social Media is concerned. The introduction of Social Media in recent years has only heightened these feelings of annoyance amongst singletons on Valentine’s Day, who are forced to endure a day of ‘loved up’ couples posting as many displays of affection as possible over a 24 hour period. However, what looks like a couple madly in love in many cases is merely just a front in order to compete with other Social Media couples, and is more times than not an untrue reflection of the couples real life relationship.

This does not stop singletons comparing their relationship status to those of their Social Media ‘friends’ or ‘followers’, and often leads to feelings of insecurity and disappointment that they do not have a date or are not in a relationship. Social Media also makes many couples feel compelled to buy the most expensive and extravagant gifts for their significant other and then post the evidence on Social Media in order to compete with ‘friends’ or ‘followers’, and feel through doing this it will validate their love to their partner and prove their commitment to the relationship.

Whether you're single or in a relationship

So, all those who are not celebrating Valentine’s Day this year should remember all of the above and consider themselves lucky they are not part of the consumer-oriented holiday and should remember that what is shown on Social Media is often fake....

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